The All Party Parliamentary Committee on mindfulness says that the workplace is one of the areas in which mindfulness training could make a useful contribution to public life. Many organisations have become interested in the ways in which mindfulness can support their work.

It can be a useful tool to support employee well-being and may also help people to work more effectively. Mindfulness teaches us to be aware of thoughts, feelings which gives us the space to respond creatively to challenges, which is invaluable in the workplace.

jake-organisationsWhile individual mindfulness alone won’t solve wider organisational problems, it can be a useful way of helping people to be aware of the way they are working and to think more creatively about solutions.

Jake Dartington has delivered mindfulness training for organisations including Nottinghamshire NHS Trust and Nottingham University. We can offer short mindfulness tasters, daylong training courses, mindfulness coaching for leaders, as well as in-house delivery of the full eight week mindfulness programme.

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What previous students have said

Made a deep topic really accessible and fun.

Clear objectives, good alternations between whole class and group work.

Amazing! This part of the course really seeped into my life. I’m actually meditating! Can’t quite believe it.

Covered the essentials of meditation very effectively.

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